Loyalty Program


Join our Loyalty Program

Receive special loyalty program offers and hear about our amazing food an beverage specials.

131 Eighth Road, Armadale

Phone: (08) 6269 1050

Email: manager@haynesbarandgrill.com.au


  • Loyalty cards are issued to the person whose name appears on the application form and are not transferable to any other person(s).
  • To start earning loyalty points you must present your loyalty card to any staff member at Haynes bar and grill or the Thirsty camel bottle shop attached to Haynes bar and grill, for them to swipe into our point of sale.
  • Loyalty card members must present their card at the point of commencement of every sale. Management or staff will not be able to search for your details and points can’t be awarded after the sale is cashed through the register.
  • 3 loyalty points are earned per dollar spent. This may change without notice on certain products. Members are not eligible to earn points on products which are on special or already at discounted prices.
  • This card can be used with any sale through Haynes bar and grill or Thirsty camel attached to Haynes bar and grill. Loyalty members accrue loyalty points every time the loyalty card is swiped and can be redeemed for food or beverage within Haynes Bar and grill. Points cannot be redeemed through the Thirsty camel bottle shop.
  • Members can check how many points/dollars have accrued every time the loyalty card is swiped by a staff member through our point of sale system. The till will display how many points/dollars are accrued for that card.
  • Members can redeem their accrued points/dollars to purchase a product or deduct the accrued monetary value off their bill/sale at any time. Management may also have selected promotional prizes members can purchase with their accrued loyalty points.
  • Members found deliberately using their loyalty card through a third party/on behalf of sales made through another customer will have their card voided by management.
  • Lost or stolen cards must be reported to management immediately and a new card will be issued.
  • By accepting receipt of the loyalty card, the member agrees and acknowledges they will receive ongoing promotional material such as special offers, weekly emails and important messages from the venue. Unsubscribing to emails will result in your loyalty card being cancelled.
  • Points must be redeemed within 6 months, or they will automatically be removed.
  • Form must be filled out in its entirety in order to qualify for a membership card.