Meet the Staff


Meet the staff

Rob - Venue Manager

How long have you been working in hospitality? 26 years.

What’s your favourite food? Lamb.

What’s your favourite dish? Rack of lamb over new potatoes tossed in fresh herbs with seasonal vegetables with a red wine jus.

What’s your favourite drink? Wine – Peel Estate Old Vine 2009.

What’s the best meal at Haynes Bar and Grill? The $15 chicken parmi.

What’s your background? Born in New Zealand, moved to Australia in 2012, I’ve worked in pubs, fine dining and five star hotels in the UK, USA and Wellington.

Liam - Assistant Venue Manager

How long have you been working in hospitality? I have worked in the hospitality business for 11 years. 

What’s your favourite food? Steak, chips and salad. 

What’s your favourite dish? Steak, chips and salad with a garlic or mushroom sauce. 

What’s your favourite drink? I am a lover of ale – the stronger the better! Also a cold pint of Guinness. 

What’s the best meal at Haynes Bar and Grill? The steaks here are very good. 

What’s your background? I am an Englishman and despite my broad northern accent I have lived in WA for 17 years. I am a brick paver by trade but I’ve worked in logistics, warehousing, mental health, youth work, worked with children with learning difficulties, teacher’s assistant, liquor store management, bar management, venue operations. 

Joe - Head Chef

How long have you been working in hospitality? Since I was 14 (24 years). 

What’s your favourite food? Pork and lamb.

What’s your favourite dish? Braised pork with eel (grandma’s recipe). 

What’s your favourite drink? Rum and Coke. 

What’s the best meal at Haynes Bar and Grill? Pork belly. 

What’s your background? I am from Madagascar and lived in Bali for 13 years, in Darwin for ten years, and have lived in Perth for 13 years. My work background is quite diverse – I have worked in pubs, on the mines and in fine dining. 

Simon - Duty Manager

How long have you been working in hospitality? Is too long a good answer?!? I started in 2003 in the UK. 

What’s your favourite food? Pizza… or bacon… or bacon pizza. 

What’s your favourite dish? Can’t go past a proper chicken parma. 

What’s your favourite drink? I like fruity pale ales, summer ales or if I can’t have that, then get me some Jack Daniel’s. 

What’s the best meal at Haynes Bar and Grill? There isn’t anything here I’ve tasted that is bad… but I do love the Louisiana hot wings. 

What’s your background? English, love to help and assist where I can. I spent 10 years working in a gym and saw the light… that I like beer more than weights! I worked in the UK for a few years before coming back to WA. I’ve spent some time working in Victoria (no I don’t have Covid) before starting at HBG.