Cocktail Recipes


Cocktail Recipes

Straight from our talented Bar Staff, here are our Cocktail Recipes for you to try at home

Fairy Dream

45ml – Absolut Vanilla 
15ml – Lemon juice
90ml – Cranberry juice

Shake with ice, strain into milk cup. Present floss in and garnish.

Lucky Charm

30ml – Russian Standard
30ml – Midori
15ml – Lime juice
10ml – Simple syrup

Shaken with ice, strain into chilled glass. Garnish with orange and lime circles.

Mr Stormy

45ml – Kraken

Fill with ice, mint, lime wedge. Top with ginger beer. 

Garnish with lime and cucumber.

Palm Beach

30ml – Midori 
30ml – Banana Vok

Fill glass with ice, pineapple chunks, add shots.

Top with pineapple juice.

Garnish with pineapple slice and lemon circle.


30ml – Blk Brandy 
30ml – Samedi Rum 
15ml – Lime juice 
15ml – Simple syrup

Top with Cranberry juice. Put shots, scoop of ice and berries in glass.

Garnish with berries on stick.