Brodie with her namesake cocktail – the Blushing Brodie

How long have you been working in hospitality for? I started bar work when I was 18 as a second job.

What’s your favourite food? I can’t go past a picky plate! Meats, cheeses and antipasto – yum!

What’s your favourite dish? Roast dinner or a spicy green curry.

What’s your favourite drink? I’m a gin drinker – try the Blushing Brodie next time you’re in.

What’s the best meal at Haynes Bar and Grill? Zucchini spaghetti, or the Thai beef salad or chilli mussels.

What’s your background? I grew up locally and I’m a hairdresser by trade. I fell in love with bar work due the the social environment. I’m married with three kids and I love cooking, camping and the beach.

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