Food and Drinks

All year round

At Haynes Bar and Grill, near Armadale, you can eat, drink and use the drive through bottleshop all year round. Relax and watch live sport on one of our many TVs while enjoying food from our menu, a cold beer, cocktail or a glass of wine. Now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.


At Haynes Bar and Grill we have a delicious meal for everyone.  Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy an amazing meal with friends and family.

New $16 cocktail menu – now pouring

Thursday night all cocktails $12!! 


Ace’s apple pie

Bloody Tony

Blushing Brodie

California rootbeer

Mango daiquiri

Strawberry daiquiri

Mexican face-off

Original recipe cookie

Red corvette

Spiced mojito

Strawberry and lime caprioska

Surf’s up spritzer


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